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2012-2013 has begun! Have a wonderful year!.

Tools_For_Transparency_Display.JPGSummer break is here, and with it, a wonderful opportunity to begin a summer reading adventure. If you haven’t already, you might consider creating a list of suggested reading for your students and a professional reading list for yourself. There are a number of fabulous resources available on the Internet that will help you build a creative and comprehensive reading list for your class. When you are building your student list, a great place to start is to review what other area schools are doing. You might want to review the King Middle School summer reading lists for ideas. After reviewing a sample lists, consider visiting the website for the Maine Awards like the Maine Student Book Award, which lists some of the best adolescent literature books available for children, or the Chickadee Award, a picture book award program. You also might consider reviewing some of the fabulous offers from national awards like the Newberry Award Winners. If you are looking for help creating a professional reading list, you might consider reviewing the district’s suggested reading list. You also might review resources available on sites like Edutopia. This list contains a number of informative articles. As teachers of reading, we should model our practices by being good readers ourselves; as such, you should think about adding some purely for pleasure titles to your list. Check out Kelly Gallagher’s book club selections for adults, or visit Huffington’s Post’s article “15 Best New Books Of 2012.” You might also join a online book club geared specifically for educators like this annual book club hosted by Shelfari. Enjoy your summer break!

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